Messer Cutting System offers the Virtual Service program in support of our complete line of cutting machines. This unique package allows our team of experts to remotely diagnose many problems that, in the past, would have required a technician on-site. This reduces downtime and the cost to send a field technician. Troubleshooting and questions can be handled quickly as the operator watches each step on the control.

Through the use of your internet connection, we are able to view the same data being displayed to the operator back at our facility. Now through the vast amount of diagnostic information in the Global Control, including an on-board oscilloscope, we can perform remote trouble-shooting and updates to your software as necessary.

    Key Features:

    • With a push of a button, our team of experts are able to provide remote trouble-shooting, software upgrades and expert assistance.
    • Messer can also provide operator training using Virtual Service™.
    • Reduces time to resolve problems.
    • Required is a high-speed internet connection to the Global Control.


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