Using these systems can result in 30-40% increase in productivity over traditional cutting systems. Featured above with enclosure. Offered with the MetalMaster Xcel.

  • Shuttle tables from 6' x 10' to 10' x 25' plate area with either .75"  or 2" capacity in mild steel.
  • The load and unload area allowing the operator to work freely without interfering with the cutting operation or being hit by the machine.
  • Cutting area of the machine portion can be placed in a non-crane area such as a bay line, protecting the machine from the plate loading operation.
  • The enclosure provides noise, light, and smoke abatement during the cutting process.

We partnered with Franklin Manufacturing for in-line conveyor cutting tables with long plate cutting applications. Franklin Manufacturing uses Messer exclusively for their systems sold into the steel fabricated building industry.

  • The cutting table is a excellent solution for long parts.
  • The table with self-cleaning channel design works as an exhaust duct and aids in smoke removal.
  • Smart Cranes can be added for automatically loading and unloading plate.