Donaldson is a worldwide provider of filtration systems and replacement parts. Since 1915, they have perfected and leveraged their innovative technology, strong customer relationships and broad geographic presence to make the best quality dust collectors on the market.

  • 14 Standard Collector Sizes Available
  • Standard Direct and Floor Mounted Fans Available
  • True Nanofiber Merv 15 Flame Retardant Filters
  • Horizontal Filter Arrangement  with Downward Air Flow
  • Numerous Collector Options that Include Airflow Controllers and Discharge Devices


Messer Cutting Systems GmbH

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Donaldson is the largest dust collector company in the world and a global partner with Messer Cutting Systems since 1990. The Donaldson DFE® Series has been customized for Messer Cutting Processes that features a downward airflow pattern and Donaldson MERV 15 True Nanofiber Filtration Technology. “EPA Sponsored Research has shown results from downward flow of the dirty air stream reduces re-deposition since it adds gravity in moving dust particles toward the hopper.” Donaldson is the leading innovator in Cartridge Filtration and Collector Design.